Power of Habits for Success
Exclusive workshop

Are you struggling to reach your full potential? Do you set goals and then fail to achieve them? Are you tired of feeling ineffective?

You CAN be successful and reach your dreams! It is 100% possible…with the right strategy. The “Power of Habits for Success” workshop can help you.

-define your purpose
-clarify what you really care about
-set goals that align with your values
-conquer lack of motivation
-manage your time
-choose habits that lead to success
-create a system for personal growth
-make a solid life plan to get results

To enjoy the course IN-PERSON, Ryan provides exclusive personal development workshops for companies, and individuals in groups of ten or less.  The cost per seat is 600 dirhams, in Casablanca. Contact Ryan to reserve your seat for the next event.

To enjoy the course ONLINE, you can have access to the “Power of Habits for Success” workshop VIDEO for only 120 dirhams!!

The VIDEO COURSE is 2.5 hours long and contains all the Powerpoint slides and visuals from the workshop, built into the video.  It is password-protected but can be viewed at any time for the next 6 months.  You can watch it on your laptop, tablet, or phone, from anywhere!

There are 3 payment options to gain access to the video course:

  1.  Bank transfer (RIB: 007 780 0003985000000169 01)
  2. JIBI transfer to 0673294478 using JIBI at Wafacash
  3. Paypal to gemakiwealth@gmail.com

Send confirmation of your transfer to maroctreasure@gmail.com and you will receive the website link and password right away!

To learn more about the personal development expert Ryan Kirk, please see www.linkedin.com/in/ryankirkcasablanca/

Learn how you can use the power of HABITS to reach your vision of SUCCESS.  And until next time,

Get Wisdom.

Watch the video to learn more about the course!