Power of Habits for Success
Exclusive workshop

Are you watching time pass without making significant progress towards your dreams? Do you feel that you aren’t reaching your full potential?

Are you tired of feeling ineffective? Sick of setting goals and then failing to achieve them?

You CAN be successful and reach your dreams! Achieving your goals may not be easy, but it is 100% possible, with the right strategy.

Here’s an opportunity to make a CHANGE!

An exclusive workshop with a motivated group – only 10 spots!

This course will help you:

-define your purpose
-set goals that align with your values
-clarify what you really care about
-conquer lack of motivation
-manage your time
-choose habits that lead to success
-create a system for personal growth
-make a solid life plan to gets results

Graduates of the “Power of Habits for Success” course will receive a certificate from Maroc Treasure, and access to a private WhatsApp group for on-going coaching, sharing of resources and advice from the trainer and other graduates.

Cost is 600 dirhams, paid up front.

To learn more about the trainer Ryan Kirk, please see www.linkedin.com/in/ryankirkcasablanca/

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