Wisdom from my 10-year old

My daughter is wise beyond her years.

Recently she went on a 5-day class trip and decided to leave DAILY notes of encouragement and advice for my son to read in her absence.  You see, she’s also compassionate, and protective of her younger brother.  They have the same recess breaks at school, and she keeps an eye on him and tries to help him make friends.

Each day she was away, I gave my son his ‘daily note’, and enjoyed reading the short messages.  But I was struck by the wisdom and timeless truth contained in Tuesday’s note:

Selahs note to Ziah

My daughter was sharing the classic advice of Dale Carnegie, from his book, “How to Win Friends and Influence People.”  Published in 1936, this book has sold over 15 million copies, and has stood the test of time extremely well.  Leaders and influencers still recommend the book and attest to the impact it has had on their life.  (If you haven’t read it yet, you can find it here).

There are many valuable gems to be learned from Carnegie’s teachings, but here are two quotes that can help us connect with those we meet, and develop friendships quickly:

In order to influence and connect with others so that you are well liked and respected, people need to enjoy their interactions with you.  The best way to ensure that someone enjoys themselves is to find a topic that excites them to talk about, and become interested!  Ask questions that open up the conversation and invite the person to share their passion with you.  This is much easier to do if you are a curious person that enjoys learning new things.

All of us deeply desire to be loved, appreciated, and valued, and we can’t help but feel amazing when another person gives us their attention and shows us they care.   By focusing on others, asking questions and listening well, we are showing people that they are valuable, and that we care about them.  And if you develop the habit of making the people around you feel amazing, your impact and influence will skyrocket.

Take the advice of Dale Carnegie, and of my 10-year old daughter, and…


Dale Carnegie
Dale Carnegie:  1888 – 1955