50,000 Dirhams in 30 Days!

Ok, here’s the idea: IKEA in Casablanca (and possibly in Agadir too?) is giving out a special coupon to every person who spends 1000 dirhams before February 26: 250 dirhams of value to be spent in the store between April 10-June 11. You can find the details here.

What an opportunity! Can you see it?

A person leaving IKEA in the next couple weeks, having just spent 1000 dirhams, will be holding a coupon worth 250 dirhams. But there’s a catch: they have to come BACK to IKEA after April 10th to use it. And most people won’t! Shopping at IKEA is not a part of our routine – it’s rare. It’s not easy to get there, and they mostly sell furniture. You don’t go to IKEA to pick up batteries or lightbulbs. You go there to make bigger purchases on special occasions, and those don’t happen every 6 weeks.

So most people LEAVING IKEA with the coupon in hand, will not VALUE the coupon at 250 dirhams. Many of them will have no intention of returning, and no plans to make more furniture purchases. So…ask them if you can have the coupon!

If you approach people leaving IKEA, walking to their car, or loading up their new purchases, and politely ask them if they are planning to return in 6 weeks to shop at IKEA again, most people will say No. My guess is that many people would be willing to give you their coupon.

How many people would say Yes per hour? And how many hours would you be willing to do this for? And once you had a coupon, how much could you sell it for? The chart below lays out the possibilities:

I’ve highlighted in yellow all the ways to make 50,000 dirhams or more. Choose your preferred profit/hours/sales rate combination and go make the magic happen!

Once you have a stack of coupons, you have several options for how to turn those into money, starting April 10:

  • Sell the coupons individually to customers in IKEA who plan to make a purchase.
  • Sell the coupons online to customers planning to make a purchase
  • Sell the coupons in bulk to someone willing to hustle and try the above ideas
  • Buy merchandise with the coupons and sell the merchandise!

Let me know if you plan to try this idea…I’d love to make a video sharing the journey for Maroc Treasure’s YouTube channel. It would help inspire people, and shift mindsets about the opportunities that are available in Morocco.

And if no one seizes this opportunity, I may just have to try it myself. 🙂